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Trader Advantages

zero blockchain fees

Zero blockchain fees

Our novel technology makes trading gas free!

zero blockchain fees

Security First

Based on cutting-edge research - users are always in custody of their funds, trustless off-chain settlement.

Self Custody

Self Custody

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zero blockchain fees

Near Instant Asset Trades

Speed and usability comparable to that of a centralized exchange.

We bring you a

Beginner and advanced user experiences yet both are easy to use!

comfortable ui design

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TEX doesn’t hold the traders assets. Traders remain in custody of their assets at any point in time, while TEX can scale to the transaction throuputs of centralized exchanges.
TEX is based on a new commit-chain construction. Once a trader has coins on the commit-chain, trades do not bear any blockchain fees! Trades can therefore not be front-run by miners or other traders of the underlying blockchain.
There are no blockchain fees. We currently offer trading free of charge and might reconsider introducing fees for maker and taker at a later stage.
Currently listed coins are ETH and ERC20 tokens which do not qualify as securities. Please contact us if you’d like your coin listed.
Our smart contracts are fully open source on Github
We’ve built our exchange based on the client library provided Liquidity Network. Go ahead, once you’re on the commit-chain, you don’t wanna leave anymore.